I Wrote On The Wall

I wrote on the Wall

After months of grief

I made a vow

Within me

Never to cry again

Never to mourn again

Like the souls

In the land

Of grief

Under the earth

I wrote on the wall

You will never haunt me again

After months of grief

I made Jesus

My first love

And shunned the

Love of the world

I wrote on the wall

I am over you

Each day I pass by my

Handwriting on the walll

And smile within me

It is certainly over

I wrote on the wall

Never again

Will my heart be broken

By a mortal

You were handsome

You were clever

You were rich

Every woman’s dream

And you chose me

And loved me

In mindless passion

And obsession

I was enchanted

And enamoured

By the weight

Of you desire

You seemed too unreal

In your beauty

And charm

Love for you took over my soul

And my soul cleaved to your soul

We were one

In love and life

After some time

You took my love

And cast in on a hard stone

You gave my heart

To the birds to eat

You became bored and tired

You cast me aside

And caused me grief

I prayed to God

For healing of the heart

One glorious morning

I clenched my teeth

Walking with firm strides

And uplifted shoulder

With a little smirk

On my weary face

In firm resolve

I marched to the sitting room

And wrote on the wall

A silent mutiny and vow

With myself

I wrote on the wall

Because I know that

Each morning I will smile

In victory

That I am indeed over you

I wrote in the wall

“You are my past

Jesus is my future.”

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