He Called Him Darling


Another event that took place

In the spirit.


In this vision, the Lord

Showed me a group of people


They were worn out,

Tired, weary and very dehydrated.


I was standing at a distance

Watching keenly.

The Lord went into the crowd

And singled out a man

Who looked Asian.


He is of course

Living on earth but on

A spiritual journey like

Everyone else.


The man was so weary

He was almost fainting.


The Lord said, “darling!”

held Him

In His arms, hugged Him

And pulled Him out of that group,

With so much love and compassion.


When the Lord called him darling,

my mouth and eyes flew

open in shock.


Then the Lord looked straight

At me and said,

‘Yes, he is my darling,’

Are you shocked that I called him darling?

He is my darling and I will deliver him.’

Then the vision came to an end.


No matter how shocking it is,

We are all darlings to Him and

Precious to Him.

We are His beloved and

He loves us that much.


He does not differentiate

Gender when he loves us

Or says darling.

We are all precious to Him.


What He wanted to impress

On my mind is that

Regardless of our gender

We are His darlings

And He loves us deeply

With tender, eternal, divine love.

Praise God!

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