God Does Not Live In Bottles Of Water, Oil and Handkerchiefs

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The presence of God does not live in man made objects like bottled oil water and handkerchiefs.

The only temple that the presence of God comes upon is the human spirit.

However the glory of God does not come upon humans permanently. It comes and goes and must be renewed daily in constant fellowship. His mercies are new everyday.

Look at Jesus and Paul they never bottled the Glory of God in a bottle of oil or water or salt or handkerchief, they lived lives of constant fellowship and dependence on God. Jesus waited upon the Lord and renewed the anointing daily.

On the other hand, demons can dwell in bottles of oil and water, salt and other man made objects.

The anointing does not rest permanently on an object, if that were the case, the clothes of Jesus would have replaced Jesus. His clothes would have been taken to all the sick people in Bethany and Galilee.

The handkerchief of Paul would have also replaced God and would have been used permanently until they decay.

Also when Paul was tormented by messenger of Satan and Timothy was sick with stomach trouble, Paul would have just brought out his used handkerchiefs and healed himself and not seek God’s face, and in the case of Timothy, Paul would have just sent Timothy his used handkerchiefs.

But nothing like that happened. Paul did not do that, because the power of God dissipates.

When his handkerchiefs were sent to the sick, it was for the moment. Those handkerchiefs were not used forever, permanently as idols.

The handkerchiefs did not replace God and seeking God’s face daily. No. Paul however kept renewing his anointing day by day.

The Bible says lay hands on them, anoint them with oil and the prayer of faith will heal the sick. The oil is merely symbolic. It has no power. Only God has power and it is the prayer of faith that pulls down the glory of God and heals the sick and not the oil.

Power belongs to God and mercy too. God will not share Hos glory with anything and anyone. Never attribute power or any of God’s eternal attributes to a man, object or created things. That is the definition of idol worship.

Flee idolatry witchcraft, occultism and magic. God’s judgement is coming upon all those who pervert the scriptures to worship man made objects, idols and demons. God loves you so keep away from idols. Judge yourself so that you will not be judged. Judgement begins in the house of God and anyone that bears the name of Christ must depart from sin.

May great grace be upon you.

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