Holy One

Holy one of Israel

Pride of the saints

Existing in Holiness

Joy of the whole world

Beautify us with Holiness

Let love be the constant motive

Behind our actions

Make us pure

Because your eyes are too

Pure to behold sin

Make us despise sin

The way you despise sin

And love Holiness

The way you love Holiness

I Am Not An Object 

I am not an object
I am not a toy

I am not superhuman

I have emotions

My heart bleeds 

When you pick up your phone

And chat with numerous women

You ignore me

You deny me your love

And treat me like a toy

To play around with

If you are tired

Walk away 

And stop the torture



I should just end it 

For you

Because I now understand 

That your actions

Are your way of telling me

To walk away

Because you are too 

Weak to end it

Everyone Deserves Respect

We owe everyone love and respect. We are all special and precious in the eyes of God regardless of race, tribe, religion, education, wealth and other factors. It is very vital that we form the habit of treating everyone we come across with love, respect and dignity. That is what matters in life much more than all our dreams. If we attain to great heights and social standing and still treat others with disrespect and bias, we are nothing.

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