Worlds Apart

Worlds Apart

A love story

So sweet

So divine

You were to me

Out of bounds

Bound by the rules of society

I was forbidden

To you


I was so wrong for you

The Governor

And the maid

An unlikely couple

In a false world

Of appearances

And glamour

But you secretly

Wooed me and sent me

To the best medical school

To become a surgeon 

Years later

Before you became

The Vice President

You married me

A distinguished surgeon

Fit for society

Your love is pure

Your love is real

I am so blessed

To have a husband like you

When It’s Over

Beautiful One

Fearfully and wonderfully made

I see your tears

I feel your pain

Forget your sorrows 

O precious one

The Lord is your strength 

You gave your heart to a fool

And he broke it in pieces 

Do not cry or mourn

Accept it’s over

And move on

Your creator will mend your broken heart

You will find love again

This time not with a fool

But with a God fearing man

The man of your dream

Who only wants to marry you

Rejoicing Is A Commandment 

Rejoicing is not an option. It is a commandment. Sadness breaks the spirit, joy strengthens the spirit. Man was not created for sorrow. We must always rejoice, regardless of our circumstances. Our circumstance should not determine our mood. In time of trials, we must see rejoicing as a commandment and never loose our joy.

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