The Lord Is Not Happy With The State Of The Anglican Church

Revelations And Messages 4

4: Separation Of The Anglican Church from Royalty

The Spirit Of The Lord was upon me this morning and I was in a trance and saw the queen, Elizabeth with her face covered with what looked like strips of cloths or scarves. I marched towards her and stood in front of her to make a decree from the Lord.

She looked very skinny and refused to open her face and I decreed and said, ‘the Lord is not happy that the Anglican Church is together with the royalty. He wants total separation of the Anglican Church from the royal family.’ I continued , ‘your son Charles will soon take over but he will be too stubborn to separate the church from the royalty so he will not rule for long. William will take over and will comply because lots of things will happen to demonstrate the anger of the Lord. The power of the Royal Family will be reduced to 1/100. Then I heard a woman shouting, ‘sorcery!sorcery! we’ve been under a spell! It looked like some blinders left her eyes. I looked at her wondering to myself, ‘Did you not know all this while?’ Then I came out of the trance.

The Lord wants the dissolution of that unholy marriage and alliance because it was never from Him in the first place. He wants to take over every Church that calls the name of Jesus before the second coming of Christ. It is extremely vital and necessary. The Churches that refuse to comply and try to be stubborn will experience severe and unprecedented judgements from the throne of Grace.

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  • This is a good channeling. William will do the separation out of fear. London’s energy is so coarse you can eat it with a knife and fork. Coarseness mean darkness, as you travel down the country you can feel the energy become thicker as you approach London. It is as if the people of the land are under a spell, sorcery, the people are blinded into worshiping the royals instead of God. I have seen some of what will happen.

  • Good morning from Brazil, Laura!

    • laurabon

      Good morning Carlos. Thanks for the communication❤️

      • The Protestant Reformation made the separation between the affairs of the Church of the Lord Jesus and the State.
        The English Monarchy as a secular institution serves the interests of aristocracy and secular churches such as Anglican, catholic and freemasonry, and traces of protestantism.
        Is it correct?

        • laurabon

          I don’t really know much about the history but I think that is correct. I know that the Queen is superior to the Prime Minister and they go to her palace before becoming the Prime Minister.

          • The Christian Church has the LORD Jesus as His Bridegroom, and Her is Faithful to Him.

            • laurabon

              Yes, He is our Bridegroom and first love and so the Church needs to be faithful to Him above any man, spirit.

              • I wrote in disqus, about the marriage of Diana’s son:
                I think the most important thing is the sincere and true feeling of one another, and that is the most important thing that this event shows the world. And I think his mother, for having lived the reverse, would also be happy to see him.

                • laurabon

                  Yes, there was true love flowing between the two of them. It was so obvious to the world on their wedding day. He constantly looked at her with love in His eyes. I never knew you could tell how much someone loves another just by the way they look at them but I saw that on their wedding day.

  • Sorry for the late reply, but felt compelled to comment on this.
    Is most of modern Christianity (includes Catholic Church, Protestant denominations etc.) an apostasized version of the original Church that Apostle Paul intended? Some say the RCC incorporated paganism into the Church, and all modern offshoots inherited some of that into its practices.
    End Times prophecies in the Bible talks about apostasies within the Church – I’m curious as to what strains of believers today are following the Truth of the Bible?

    A believer and seeker of the Truth of Yahweh/Yeshua~

    • laurabon

      Thank you so much for the response. Most of the churches have perverted the true word of God. The fault is from the leaders who have hijacked the true Christianity and are feeding the flock darkness and lies. Catholic and Anglican are certainly top in that list.

      The Lord has shown me many visions and revelations about what is going on in those Churches. As a prophet the Lord has shown me their kingdoms and their headquarters in the Spirit world. They are pagan Churches in the garment and cloak of Christianity calling the name of Christ, A lot of modern Churches inherited elements of paganism but those flaws are not foundational abominations like those of Catholic and Anglican Churches.

      The strains of believers following the truth of the Bible are those Christians that are ardently following and practicing the word of God without contradiction. They are those whose ways of worship line up with the pattern of worship as practiced by the apostles. Unfortunately there is no perfect Church as evidenced at the beginning of Revelations when Christ gave His messages to the Churches. Having said that, the Pentecostal and Evangelical Churches are closer to the truth but you also have to be vigilant. Some of them have dereailed and are worshipping the god of mammon and lusting after materiality. Some have introduced elements of New Age teachings and consciousness in their worship and are disguising as Pentecostal or Evagelical Churches. For every false there is an original and for every original there is a false. To identify the original, simply be devoted and dedicated to the word of God and seeking the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. Once our intentions are pure are we are seeking God to please Him and love our fellow man and are humble and prayerful, we will not go astray or derail. Purity and humility are the watch words. ❤️❤️❤️🙏

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