The Lord Is Not Happy With The State Of The Anglican Church

Revelations And Messages 4

4: Separation Of The Anglican Church from Royalty

The Spirit Of The Lord was upon me this morning and I was in a trance and saw the queen, Elizabeth with her face covered with what looked like strips of cloths or scarves. I marched towards her and stood in front of her to make a decree from the Lord.

She looked very skinny and refused to open her face and I decreed and said, ‘the Lord is not happy that the Anglican Church is together with the royalty. He wants total separation of the Anglican Church from the royal family.’ I continued , ‘your son Charles will soon take over but he will be too stubborn to separate the church from the royalty so he will not rule for long. William will take over and will comply because lots of things will happen to demonstrate the anger of the Lord. The power of the Royal Family will be reduced to 1/100. Then I heard a woman shouting, ‘sorcery!sorcery! we’ve been under a spell! It looked like some blinders left her eyes. I looked at her wondering to myself, ‘Did you not know all this while?’ Then I came out of the trance.

The Lord wants the dissolution of that unholy marriage and alliance because it was never from Him in the first place. He wants to take over every Church that calls the name of Jesus before the second coming of Christ. It is extremely vital and necessary. The Churches that refuse to comply and try to be stubborn will experience severe and unprecedented judgements from the throne of Grace.

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