Pretty One

Pretty One

I see you everyday

In your hospital bed

Fighting for survival

Against a terminal illness

That is ferocious and unrelenting

In wickedness


Pretty One

Despite your weakness

I see you

On your bed

With bright haunted eyes

Humming low melodies of praise

Putting on your makeup

With uplifted shoulders

Determined to look good


Pretty One

You always smile

And you are always in control

I see no trace of sorrow

Or fear in you

You remain calm

Despite the fierce torture


Pretty One

You are the bravest woman

I know

You are one in a million

And you have taught

Me about courage

In the face of impending danger


Pretty One

I always pray for you

In my heart

And I also pray

That God will give me

A fearless and brave heart

Like yours


Pretty One

May God be with you

Till your very last breath

You are an example of courage

And I know

That heaven will celebrate you

As a true warrior of faith


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