Take Me Away

Take me away

Into the crevice

Of the mountains

Where I have built

A million mansions in my dreams


Take me away

To the place of solace

And love

Where the drumbeat is passion

And the melody is desire


My mouth is wide open

And my heart is panting

Be the King

Of my heart

And fulfill your promises to me


Take me away

To that place

Where we become

One soul

One spirit

One breath

Until I drink you and taste you

And drench myself

In your divine love


Take me away

To the point of no return

To mundane worldly pleasures

There we will feast and dine

And celebrate our love

A love that is unmatched

There I will dance

To your special melodies

And bask in the glory

Of heavenly consolations


Take me away

My love

Take me away

And bind my heart

To yours

Wrap me in your arms

And never let me go

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