What A Beautiful World

What a beautiful world it would be

If we can forgive

The way Christ forgave us


Forgiveness is holy

It is pure

It is kindness

And great strength



Only the strong in grace

Can forgive

Let us pray

For great grace

To be upon us

Just as it was

With the Apostles


It is only great grace

From the throne

Of grace

That will enable

Us to forgive

As Christ

Forgave us.


“What about judgement

And justice?”

Some may say,

“If we forgive,

There will be no justice

Or judgement.”


Do not worry about

Justice or judgement

Vengeance belongs to God

And He alone knows

How to execute judgement

It is our duty

To love and forgive

That is what we

Owe each other

It is God’s duty

To judge

And execute vengeance



We must never

Take laws into

Our hands

By acts of revenge



Is the hallmark

Of a lawless existence



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