Holy Mountain 

Standing on the Holy mountain

Standing on gold

In a heavenly robe

I gaze into the world

To ponder and wonder

At the delusions below


It is all a great deception

The false beauty of the world

Is nothing compared

To the wonders

Of heaven

That caresses my eyes

Behold the heavenly city

So beautiful

With indescribable brilliance

The beauty of amazing towers decorated

With sparkles of light

Hits my eyes

As I am about to wake up

All I could exclaim was, wow, wow, wow!

Like an untiring litany

Flowing like a sweet flower cascade

From my lips

So beautiful, so glorious

Is our heavenly Jerusalem


Reject the glamours of earth

And futile worldliness

Knowing that the beauty above

Supersedes all beauty

Yes, You Love Me Daddy

I know that you love me Daddy

When life is tough and dark

When trials overwhelm

When thunder roars

Yes, you love me Daddy


When you seem silent

And the comfort of your voice

Is no more

When friends abandon me

And family betrays my love

Yes, you love me Daddy


When the doctor

Churns out negative report

And fear rears its ugly head

When lightening strikes

And hope hops away

Yes, you love me Daddy

Playing In The Moonlight



Little girls dancing, clapping and playing in the moonlight

The wriggles and squeaks

Under a huge mango tree

The quiet village is filled with innocent cries of laughter

I gaze up into the sky and my eyes are fixed on a star in wonder of creation




My heart mutters

“How glorious are you, O King of glory.

You are pure and desire innocence

Cleanse our hearts and make us as innocent as doves

So that we can find joy in the little things of life

And gush out happy cries of joy

Just like the girls playing in the moonlight.”



I Tried To Love You But…



I tried to love you

But I couldn’t

You were to me

The wrong man

That I married

It was an arranged marriage

That made me loose the man

Of my dreams



You loved me

You were the best

You lived for me


I could never forget

That you were not

My choice

I believed our marriage

Was an accident

That should never have happened



One morning in September

You woke up

And said

“You know what? I release you.”

And that was final

I was free

But an ache began

To eat me up

As I realized that

I could not live without you

I could not forget the way

You loved me


And I became convinced that

No man will ever

Love me

The way you did

However it was too late

Your heart had

Turned away from me



Here I am

Sad and miserable

Missing the years that

We spent together

And drowning in memories

Of our intertwined past life

That just won’t go away


I was such a fool

To let go of

A love so beautiful

But it is simply

Too late


I now know that

I loved you

I had to miss you

To realize that

Great Warrior


Great warrior

I saw you when

You were born

And I said

She is a fighter




Great warrior

Everyday I see you fighting

You are bold and brave

And you never give up




Great warrior

So many obstacles

Were put in your way

Men vowed to fight you constantly

Demons declared war against you

They rejoiced and delighted in your torture

However you were not dismayed

You lost every trace of fear

And emerged victorious




Great warrior

The Lord is your strength

Fight till the end

And never give up

Because I, the Lord

Will always fight with you

I love the brave and the bold

And to the cowardly and fearful

The Lord says

Repent and emerge victorious

Over the storms of life

Because no human

Can escape the battlefield

Of the spirit

It is time to be

A great warrior

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