Let The Word Of God Be Glorified 

The word of God can only be glorified when we constantly exalt it about our own thoughts, ideas and opinions.

We need to make sure we do not add or subtract from the word of God, that is the only way to preserve the potency of His word.

When we dilute the word of God we feed people with poison and poison kills.

The word of God is fresh clean water that refreshes, cleanses and purifies the soul. It makes us grow spiritually and strengthens us spiritually.

When the word of God penetrates deeply into the soul, we begin to bear fruit and manifest the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

It is only by the level of fruits you bear that you can measure your true spiritual growth.

If the fruit of the Holy Spirit is abundant in you, then you are spiritually mature to the extent that God will now empower and anoint you.

So it all starts by abiding in  and cherishing the word of God, that is why we must glorify His word above our own human thoughts.


The word of God is our lamp

And Light,

Our sword, our shield

May we never

Depart from its light.

May we value it more

Than bread, water 

And wine.


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