Your Comforter And Guide

May the Holy Spirit comfort you, and guide you in all your ways. Sometimes we forget that we have a comforter, helper, guide, counselor , teacher, helper, leader and director who is supposed to lead us in all our ways. We simply forget him and just wish that all will be well. We go back into the way of thinking like the world. Depending on luck and wishful thinking.

The truth is that we need to rely on the Holy Spirit for guidance and direction. It is only those are led by the Holy Spirit who will manifest as real sons of God. They are the ones that will be different from the world and shine as light to the world. They are the ones that will know their God and do exploit.

Quit wishful thinking and just hoping to be lucky. Seek the Holy Spirit and learn how to hear His voice and be led by Him. He is our leader and should lead us in every decision that we make, including our relationships. Some people keep doing trial and error in relationships simply because they are in the flesh. The flesh can never please God and will always make mistakes.

Some men have tested and sampled so many women until they lost count, yet they ended up marrying the one that they selected from their sampling and made serious mistakes and got divorced two years after marriage. Learn how to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit so that He will guide you in all your ways including marriage decisions.

May the Holy Spirit guide you and comfort you, always, in Jesus name. Amen.

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  • “The truth is that we need to rely on the Holy Spirit for guidance and direction. ” That is so very true! The sad part is that we don’t pay attention to the Spirit, we ignore Him and we seek guidance from every source under the sun other than the Spirit, the only One who can give us guidance and direction. Marvelous post. Blessings to you today.

    • laurabon

      Amen. Thank you so much for the beautiful words and insightful contribution to this topic. So true – we ignore the Holy spirit and seek guidance from other sources. We need our great comforter and guide to lead us always. Blessings

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