He Can Appear In Form Of Cloud

The Spirit Of The Lord

32: He can appear in form of cloud

Then the Lord came down in the cloud and spoke to him. He took some of the spirit he had given to Moses and gave it to the seventy leaders. When the spirit came on them, they began to shout like prophets, but not for long. Numbers 11:25

During the day the Lord went in front of them in a pillar of cloud to show them the way, and during the night he went in front of them in a pillar of fire to give them light, so that they could travel night and day. Exodus 13:21

As Aaron spoke to the whole community, they turned toward the desert, and suddenly the dazzling light of the Lord appeared in a cloud. Exodus 16:10

After Moses had gone in, the pillar of cloudwould come down and stay at the door of the Tent, and the Lord would speak to Moses from the cloud. Exodus 33:9

Several times in the Bible, the Spirit of the Lord appeared in the form of cloud. When God was appearing to Moses and leading the Israelites, He appeared as cloud, light and fire. If anyone wants to paint God or mold Him like an idol, they definitely won’t know what face to use. This is because God transcends form and appearance. He is a spirit and it is His attributes and personality that distinguish Him.

His personality and Character is all that matters and we are told that He is love. Painting, drawing and molding an image of God is really silly because you cannot draw and mold love, mercy, wisdom and other spiritual attributes. They are purely spiritual qualities that manifest in lives and character.

We get to see even the most educated and supposedly wise ones bowing to lifeless images instead of living in love, wisdom and pursing truth and selfless love. That very act is an evidence that they worship death and the grave. What they bow to is dead and lifeless but when you embrace Christ and His love, you are alive.

May God give us more wisdom to truly know Him the way He is, in Spirit and truth.

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  • Thank you so much again for articulating so well the attributes and characteristics of who God really is, Laura! As He said it Himself in His Word, He will indeed come in the form of cloud and that does not depict any of the silly images or pictures drawn by man, as you rightly said. The Book of John 4:24 also says: “God is spirit and His worshippers must worship Him in Spirit and Truth”

  • What a revelation! God’s personality truly is embodied in His attributes. Just love this post.

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    Lovely post

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      Thank you so much for the beautiful words. Your site is not opening but will keep trying. Looking forward to reading your posts ❤️❤️❤️

  • Thank you for following my blog and I return the follow. Loving your writings. I am a great believer in reading Clouds for God’s messages.

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