They Called Me A Dreamer

They called me a dreamer

Because I had so many dreams

I was fifteen, lively and determined

I could not stop talking

About my passions

I wanted to be a great sports person

And produce movies

What a funny combination

I remember one girl very clearly

“Chloe, you are such a dreamer,”

She would say loudly

And the whole class would laugh at me

Including Harry

My high school crush

They made me feel stupid

For having dreams and passions

It never bothered me

I was firmly convinced

With wild and firm


Untamed and energetic

In its intensity

Was my passion

I was like someone possessed

Because the thoughts

Wouldn’t go away

So I rehearsed relentlessly

Swimming after swimming

I was trained by the best

Swimming instructors

I saved money

And bought the best software

For film production

Trainings after trainings

Software after software

I persisted

And never gave up

Or looked back

Now I look back

And I am pleased

With where I am

I have one of the best movie production

Companies in the world

And I have won

Many swimming medals

And championships

My dreams became


Because I clung to them

And never let go

Dreams and passions

Have life in them

Never let go of

Your hopes and your dreams

Because they were planted in you

By God

Make sure you make time

To pursue those activities

That make you happy

And be sure to make money

From your dreams and passions

Because that is God’s will

Ignore those mockers

And silly voices

Telling you

You are a dreamer

Cling to your dreams

And never let go

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