The One You Have Now Is Not Your Husband

For you have had five husbands, and the one you now have is not your husband. (John 4:18 ESV)


So many women have had

Many husbands

And the one they have now

Is not their husband



They have lived with men

That did not marry them

Hoping the man would marry them

And the men did not.

After the first failure or mistake,

They move to another man

Trying their luck

Until it becomes a vicious cycle

Of abuse

As men take advantage of their weakness

And desperation.


Jesus did not condemn her,

He was compassionate towards her

As he knew how desperately she was seeking happiness

He then asked her to seek for the real person

The Living Water – the Holy Spirit,

Precious gift of God.


This woman was obviously

Living with a man

And playing wife to him


He was not her husband


Jesus said,

“You have had five husbands

And the husband you

Have now is not

Your husband.”


So Jesus is effectively

Telling her that

The husband she had

Is not her husband


Jesus called him her husband

Yet, acknowledged

That he was not her real husband


It is very possible

To live with, put on the wifely garment

and play perfect wife to a man who

Secretly does not wish to marry us.

It is also possible to

Marry someone who is not our

Husband or wife.


So many people are living with

People that are not their spouses

And find themselves in God’s

Permissive will – not His perfect will.


In this woman’s case

She was probably living

With a man she wasn’t married to

Not necessarily married to a man

That is against God’s will for her life


We must be very careful

Because wrong husband or wife

Will certainly mean

Unfulfilled destiny

Because our real spouse

Is the one sent from above

To help us fulfill destiny.

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  • Amen! Jesus didn’t insult her or talk down to her, He simply spoke the truth to her. We need to have true faith in Him and follow Him otherwise, we bring spiritual death to our spiritual lives. Great message, thank you for posting!

  • mistimaan

    Nice post

  • Great Post Laura! I love how you broke down “permissive will” and “perfect will” – that was powerful and ;I felt that, so very true. Well, I’m definitely waiting on the one that’s in his “perfect” will…lol. Not to say we’re not going to have our ups and downs but he’ll be in God’s will for my life, so that means that God’s hand will be in it and I need that…lol. God Bless you = )

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