The Last Time I Saw You

The last time I saw you

You could not look at me

You were angry

Traumatized and sad

Because I left you

And broke our vow


The last time I saw you

You had become an addict

To alcohol

You were tired and discouraged

You hated women


The last time I saw you

I wondered if you would ever heal

And I also became sad

Because I hurt you

By leaving

And made you loose

Confidence in love and marriage

But you must remember

That we fought everyday

In front of our children

We were both miserable

And our home became

A battle ground

And a place of mourning

Unhealthy for us

And our children

Everyday I pray

For you

The father of my children

That God will heal your heart

And mine too

Because we both need it

Divorce is painful

Divorce is sad

But sometimes

It just has to happen

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