Sometimes, there are people that people around them hardly have any kind of empathy for. They see them as supermen and superwomen.


1. Hatred was invoked on them

2. People do not see them as human beings.

People see them as superhuman or subhuman but never as humans who can feel pain and sorrow. They can suffer unimaginable afflictions, yet people around them will not feel any empathy for them, rather they even expect more sacrifices and sufferings from those people. They are oblivious to their sufferings.

I have seen this happen to wives, husbands, children, siblings and friends There will always be that wife that the husband feels no empathy for, rather he is always complaining and grumbling. He expects her to suffer anything without complaining and he expects her to make superhuman sacrifices for the family, yet, his sister or friend might be passing through a very light hardship and you will see them racked with morbid concern. Such a man has empathy for his sister and friend but is blind to his wife’s pains, sufferings, sorrows and sacrifices.

There will always be that husband that the wife never feels any empathy for. No matter how much he sacrifices and how much afflictions he suffers, the wife feels he is a Superman that can suffer anything. No amount of sacrifice or inconvenience that the man suffers for her and the children is ever enough. She has no empathy or feelings for him. He is simply a superhuman savior to her. He must not be human. He is not allowed to be human. The truth is that such a woman does not love that man because her brother or platonic friend might be passing through very little suffering and she is ravaged with concern for them.

There will always be that child that the mother feels absolutely no empathy for. That child from birth has suffered unimaginable pains, sorrows and afflictions, yet the mother or father feels no empathy for that child. The other children might suffer just a tiny scratch and you will see the mother or father drown in empathy, concern and sorrow for that child.

They feel that child’s pain and do not feel the other child’s pain. The latter is the sacrificed child. It is very unfortunate but true. If you are in that situation God loves you and God’s love, mercy and empathy is bigger than any other love.

Some humans are constantly denied love, kindness, patience, understanding and empathy, especially by people closest to them. They leave those unfortunate relatives traumatized. That is the bitter truth about love and life. The Holy Spirit told me that those who are passing through such and who receive no empathy from people around them, especially those closest to them are seen as superhuman and are not regarded as human beings by their abusers.

Humans feel pain and sorrow but their abusers see them as people who cannot feel pain or sorrow. They are either superhuman or subhuman in their eyes and minds. The Holy Spirit also told me that those people who are denied empathy have hatred invoked on them spiritually. As a result of that aura of hatred, people never show them love and empathy. They are always rejected and unloved even in the midst of close relatives and friends. They are unseen, spiritually, and it is as if they do not exist to those around them. They live in complete spiritual isolation. It is not natural and that is not how God created them. God did not create anyone to be denied love and empathy.

People who experience what I have described above need to pray to God so that God will reverse and break that evil decree and bondage and decree love and mercy upon them. Once the love of God is upon you as a reality, empathy, understanding, patience, kindness and mercy will follow you. People will give you the love and empathy you deserve because we owe each other love.

May love and mercy be upon us and surround us. May great grace be upon us in Jesus name.

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