Power To Understand

God’s Power 14

May have power, together with all the Lord’s holy people, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, Ephesians 3:18

It is God’s power that makes us understand Him and His love. There is nothing about God that we can understand with our own power.

He is the one that opens blind eyes and minds. A blind mind is a mind that has been deadened by death and darkness. We were all born blind and deadened with the inability to grasp and understand the word of God.

Wisdom and understanding come by grace and revelation through the Spirit of God. We need power to understand the love of God. Not just His love, but how great, how wide, how deep, how long and high that love is.

Understanding the love of God builds confidence, trust, faith and love for God. Love will always beget love. The reason that a lot of people do not love or trust God, is because they do not believe in the love of God. They don’t believe that God is full of love and mercy.

Even a lot of people who worship God with their lips, and say they believe in God’s love and love Him, deny Him with their actions. Your actions will always reveal if you love God.

If you claim to love God, yet, go around hating others and harming them, you do not love God but are a pretender. From the beginning of time, pretenders have always existed so it is nothing new – people will always pretend to love God and outwardly go around posing and parading themselves as God – lovers, yet they are evil and unwilling to change.

To them, it is simply a game and a way of deceiving others in other to take advantage of them. Remember that Jesus called the Pharisees and Sadducee’s snakes. He also called them hypocrites. Satan also masquerades as an Angel of light.

Deception is always preceded by a sinister motive. People never pretend, in order to do good. They pretend, in order to do evil and harm. They pretend, in order to cover up their true motives and intentions. They learnt that skill from the devil. The devil that we can’t even see, yet he talks to us, Mmmm.

Men do this very skillfully, when they want to exploit and violate women, and women also do this, to take advantage of rich men or gain other benefits. People simply pretend to love in order to harm. However, they are pretending for what they want to gain. What an irony – love should be for love not harm. Man has simply perverted all of God’s good creation.

Love is what we were commanded to have, and love comes through knowledge of God, which only comes from God’s power.

May we truly understand the love of God, through God’s power. May we always depend on God’s power for wisdom, revelation and truth.

May great grace be upon us in Jesus name.

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