Just One Lie


Sitting on my rocking chair

Lost in deep thoughts

Regretting my past

Discouraged about my future

I remembered Daniel

My childhood best friend

Whom I had hurt badly


I had always assumed

He was mine

Even though we were never

A couple

He married the

Best lady of all

Almost perfect in all things

And I was just

Simply me

The envy

And jealousy

That possessed me

Was beyond reason

And I lied

And broke them apart

Now that I am old

Almost blind

And tired

I reflect on my


And I live in

Complete remorse

And regret

I must call Daniel and apologize

For this regret

Is like a raving fire

Threatening to engulf me


I must call Daniel

And I pray

He forgives me

Just one lie

And a terrible consequence


I dedicate my lips to God

And commit my mouth

To truth

As I pray

Daniel forgives me.

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