Hello, Stranger In Black


Stranger in black,

Why are you so sad?

What happened to take away your smile?

You are young

You are pretty

What happened?


Stranger in black

I saw you at the Bank

And instantly knew

That you were special

Then I saw you on my street

And realized you just moved in

I see you often

In shops

And in Church

Give me a chance to speak to you

And make you smile again

From your heart


Stranger in black

Your sadness has frozen men away

And made you solitary

You sometimes smile

But in your eyes

Your sorrow shows

Stranger in black

Your black garment is spiritual

Not physical

You have mourned for too long

Hidden from men

Take off your black garment

And smile once again

Because this man

Speaking wants to

Transform your inner garment

From sorrow to happily married

He wants to make you a special women

If you will let him

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