He Gives Us The Right Words

The Spirit Of The Lord

31: He gives us the right words.


For the words you will speak will not be yours; they will come from the Spirit of your Father speaking through you. Mathew 10:20

And when you are arrested and taken to court, do not worry ahead of time about what you are going to say; when the time comes, say whatever is then given to you. For the words you speak will not be yours; they will come from the Holy Spirit. Mark 13:11

The Holy Spirit gives us the right words. Words are very important in life and spoken words can make you or break you. The right words can help you in difficult situations and the right words can lead to your promotion. The right words can also draw people to the gospel by the power of the Holy Spirit. The right words also enable us to acquire, sustain and maintain healthy relationships.

It is the Holy Spirit, in His infinite wisdom that gives us the right words at the critical time we need them the most. In this Scripture Jesus promised the Apostles that the Holy Spirit would give them the right words in time of trouble.

If we remain in fellowship and communion with the Holy Spirit, He will certainly give us the right words and words of wisdom that will deliver and promote us.

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