Get Rid of Anger

image.pngAnger is negative emotion that destroys. I know  it is painful for a lot of people to withdraw from anger buts let consider this, anger can lead to all sorts of stress related illness so why pamper anger. The truth is that instead of nurturing and feeding anger in our minds,we should learn to let go and replace anger with positive creative thoughts.

One method I have found useful is creativity and innovation. Channeling our minds towards creative energy and creativity can make a world of difference. Have you noticed that when you are busy, your mind automatically shuts off all other thoughts from flowing in. God created the human mind for positive emotions and creativity. He also created our minds to be busy.

Stay focused, busy and creative while also enjoying what you do. Be passionate about an activity that yields positive results to you and others and anger will flee.

Also bear it in mind that if your anger is channeled towards an individual or group of individuals, we are all imperfect beings and someone else’s weakness must not dictate and control our emotions.

Overlook weaknesses, be busy and rise above anger.

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