Come To Me

The darkness beckons

Because within it

Lives ignorance

Which is sweet

To the unsuspecting

And simple

With eyes blinded by the world

To wallow in darkness and foolishness

In darkness, the light

Is a false light

That gives bliss to the soul

Error becomes truth

And truth becomes error

The darkness

Is perverting and perverted

It’s subjects

Willing captives

In the battlefield of life

I can hear the echoes of darkness

Shrieking and screaming

Reverberating in a distant land

Under the earth

Full of grief and pain

Where soul are trapped in

Endless torture

I can hear the Master say,

“Sons of men

Reject the darkness

And embrace light

Come to me

The source of light

And the darkness will flee

I am the light of the world

Come to me

And embrace me”

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