Angry Without A Cause

But I say to you that whoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment (Matthew 5:22 NKJV)

Most Christians have not understood the concept of spiritual judgement from God. Judgement begins in the house of God and God is not weak. Those who are afraid of the devil and demons struggle to grasp the true meaning of the sovereignty and supremacy of God.

We must not let ourselves fall into divine judgement – the ones that our ancestors handed down to us is burden enough and we keep seeking the face of God for restoration. Why live a careless and irresponsible Christian life? However, if you fall into sin, be quick to repent and if you fall into judgement, ask for mercy. Our God is merciful and gracious but mercy must not be abused.

If you are always angry and bitter with others, full of jealousy and envy, you are angry without a cause because Jesus died for all of us despite our flaws and weaknesses.

Do not be angry and never go to sleep with anger in your heart. It is natural to get angry but do not cling to that anger or pamper it. Do not let it linger. That can hinder your prayers and attract judgement. Anger puts you in danger of God’s judgment, so it is better to get rid of it, than hold unto it till you experience the fiery judgement of God. After Judgement, comes confusion and you might begin to think that your problem is from the devil or witches but the devil does not have the power of judgement or supremacy over your will.

Man is the problem of man that is why God executes judgement.

May great grace be upon us all in Jesus name.

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  • Thank you 🙂

  • I think anger is worst of all of our emotions. It actually makes us physically ill

    • laurabon

      You are so right. It is the worst of all emotions and it makes us physically ill, but so many people are not aware. Thank you so much for the meaningful contribution to this topic. Blessings and peace to you always. 😊🙏

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    • Amen and Amen!! This is so true. Whenever I do I repent immediately. Even if I feel the urge coming up inside me to the Holy Spirit steps in and says to me be slow to anger Tammy. Be slow to anger. I never one day want to to EVER take my Father’s mercy, grace it love for granted. 🙁 blessings & peace to you.

      • laurabon

        Thank you so much for the meaningful contribution. It is good to always repent and not carry anger for so long. I have noticed that when I carry anger or sadness in my heart for long, it must affect me negatively. The Lord has also warned me about that so I pray to always be faithful in obeying Him – that is how to show Him that I truly love Him. You are in the right direction, my sister – the Lord loves purity. Blessings to you always 💕🙏

        • You’re so welcome dearest! Oh yes, that’s a serious thing. That’s why we must repent daily. Whenever I feel anger, pain, resentment in my heart and go to God immediately and tell him to move it out of my heart. To purge me from this sin. I don’t want to part with it. And I feel his presence and a burning like fire in my heart and all the burdens and pain are lifted. My heart feels so light and clean after by the sanctification of his blood. Amen! Bless God always! Continue to hold unto Christ our Redeemer. He loves so very much. Blessings & grace. 🙂

          • laurabon

            Amen – He loves us so very much. The blood of Jesus sanctifies us from all sins including anger! Blessed be His Holy name. 😊

  • Amen
    Love this!

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