The Wrong Cosmetics


How about focusing on the right cosmetics. The world is obsessed with outer appearance and make up. This shows itself in excessive make up and plastic surgeries by women. Some men use mild make up and also indulge in plastic surgery. Humans naturally love what they can see but what about the inner beauty of a fine mind and spirit.

We need to spend more time beautifying our minds and spirits which cannot be seen. Some of the people who spend so much time looking good on the outside are actually snakes and scorpions like the Pharisees – some not all. If the Holy Spirit opens your eyes to actually see the inner rottenness of some vain people who spend all their time trying to be externally perfect, you will be in for a big shock. It is better for us if we are modest and beautify our souls with pure love for others than to be obsessed with external perfection and beauty.

It is good to be physically beautiful but it is excellent to be spiritually and mentally mature or perfect through pure love. Love conquers all and love is greater than physical beauty.  Love is the right cosmetic and we need to make up our  souls all the time with love, we need to constantly put on love.


  • Amen! I couldn’t agree more ! I just posted a blog called, “why aren’t I beautiful” that really reminds me of this! Love your posts and you sharing God’s love one WordPress! So many people live their lives and never acknowledge his presence! This was once ME! God Bless you!!

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