Focus On What You Have

When Peter said,” Silver and gold I have none but what I have I give to you,” he was focusing on what he had. It is possible to be happy in the midst of scarcity. It is not the hardship that breaks us but our mental attitude towards hardship. When we find ourselves in the midst of the shadow of death, we must learn to focus right. There is nothing that destroys a man like fear and negativity. If we look at the lives  of our great Bible heroes from Abraham, Moses, David to Paul, they all experienced hardship but focused right. Even Jesus, the son of God and the great apostle of our faith experienced hardship. However, they were all full of faith and gratitude to God.

The truth is that we cannot claim to be perfect if we have never been tested and tried in the fire of adversity. Fire is what produces great character and the virtues of patience and endurance. God is looking for humble, patient people not pampered, spoilt baby adults. When we focus right and stop looking at the silver and gold that we don’t have, we become mature Christians. When we focus on what we have like Peter, we end up anointed like Peter. We must focus on Christ in us the hope of glory. This will lead to constant holiness, obidience, praise and thanksgiving. It will lead us to constantly focusing on and dwelling in the presence of God. It is by living constantly in the presence of God that we overcome.

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