You Will See Those Egyptians No More

Moses answered the people, “Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the LORD will bring you today. The Egyptians you see today you will never see again. Exodus 14:13

Stand Firm

This Scripture is just so wonderful to our Spirits. We are commanded to stand firm. We must stand firm in the unyielding belief and foundation that the blood of Jesus has set us free. We are free – no contractions. The enemy will only try to bully us into thinking that we are still slaves of sin, death and punishments but we are not. We only need to grow in our redemption, love, hope and faith

We are redeemed, forgiven, free children of the most high God. That is why we will go to heaven when we die. We are already citizens of heaven and those who are filled with His Spirit experience heaven every day. His presence is Heaven and brings heaven to reality. The kingdom of God is within us but we will not experience that reality if we are not constantly filled with His glory.

We are free. If we were not free from our sins or forgiven, we would not look forward to heaven. The fact that we believe that we will go to heaven means that we have acknowledged that we are forgiven and do not have to pay for our sins in hell, purgatory or any other place.

We are healed by the punishment he suffered,

made whole by the blows he received. Isaiah 53:5

Stand firm in your faith and belief. Our sins and punishments were cancelled by the punishments that Jesus suffered on the cross for us. We do not have to pay twice. Do not let the devil rob you by making you think you have to pay again, you do not. Fight till the end and hold on till the end in unwavering conviction, expectation and hope. Cling to the healthy word of God that sets your soul free from lies and deception. Let His life giving words dwell richly in you.

Do not believe that you will pay in purgatory – that means you have rejected the sacrifice of Jesus and the power of His precious blood. When you try to pay for your sins by yourself you end up rejecting grace and embracing death. You can never pay for your sins or achieve salvation by your own efforts, punishments and blood. Embrace the blood of Jesus and believe in His eternal redemption.

Do not be afraid

Do not be afraid. The devil will try to overwhelm you with so many red seas and giants. He will try to make you fear and doubt your redemption but do not be afraid. Hold your peace and believe in God’s saving grace that has set you free and sets you free. Reject doubt and fear and trust in Him who loved you so much and sent His son to die in your place.

You will see the deliverance of the Lord

As you trust in God and cling to His word in faith, persistence, praise and obedience, you will see the deliverance of the Lord. Never give up on God and on your faith. Hold on to God’s word and mercy even with your dying breath. He is the deliverer and will never disappoint those who have faith in Him and cling to Him for help.

You will see the Egyptians no more

The enemies, afflictions, problems and punishments you see, you will see them no more as you worship Him, thank Him, praise Him and rejoice in Him. Do not look at the enemy but at the power of God and the blood of Jesus. Focus on His ability and do not focus on self and the ability of self. The ability of self is a mirage and a delusion. Every good and perfect present comes from God.

Realize the bigness of God and the littleness of your problems. As you grow in faith and dependence on God – humbly praying for the infilling of the Holy Spirit, you will see those Egyptians and giants no more. All you will see will be the glory of God.

The LORD has promised that he himself will be a wall of fire around the city to protect it and that he will live there in all his glory.” Zechariah 2:5

He will dwell in you in all His glory. Amen.




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