You Need The Holy Spirit

Visions, Revelations and Messages

I got this message two nights ago, after a long period of prayer, praise and worship in the middle of the night. In this revelation, the Lord said to me, “if anyone is not filled with the Holy Spirit, it is his fault. If anyone wanders into a false church and remains there, it is his fault because he is supposed to be led by the Holy Spirit.

Remember that before Jesus went back to heaven, He breathed the Holy Spirit on His disciples. This should teach you that the Holy Spirit is very important and vital. You need to be constantly filled and led by the Holy Spirit.”

May great grace be upon us in Jesus name.

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  • Can you share on how God talks to you? Or on hearing God. Thank you

    • laurabon

      Thank you for the response. God speaks to me after long periods of fellowship comprising of bible reading, praise, thanks and worship. Worship includes telling Him how much I love, thank and praise Him for the blood of Jesus that redeemed me and set me free. I also celebrate Him for His great love, grace power, and mercy.

      On how he talks to me, He speaks into my thoughts even if I am thinking a totally different thought. A completely different voice and thought interrupts and interjects into my own thoughts and He instructs, reveals and commands me. He also clarifies me on certain topics.

      He also talks to me when I am very calm, lying down on my bed or even walking around and busy. But mostly it is when I am lying down and calm.

      He talks to me in dreams. He might be visible or invincible in the dream as He speaks to me. He might also be walking with me or come upon me and carry me off to a certain place or Kingdom where he wants to show me secrets and truths.

      He also talks to me in trances. This is not a dream but it’s like I am awake, yet I am not awake. He appears and speaks to me. He mostly appears as cloud but He can also appear as Jesus or covered with very bright light. He can appear as cloud and the cloud opens up and I see His form as He speaks to me but it is mostly as cloud that He appears and talks to me. He also appears as fire but not too often.

      He also talks to me in visions as He shows me images and pictures, either still or moving pictures or images. When He talks to me and I don’t see Him, that is His Holy Spirit with me talking but when I see His form, that is Jesus. When I see the form of Jesus or the cloud, He descends from heaven and always goes back to heaven and after He has gone I continue to hear His voice from within me as the Holy Spirit. Jesus is the manifest presence of God.

      I will also share more on how He talks to me and on hearing from God on my blog post. God bless you always 🙏😊

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  • Amen. We need His power and wisdom to live effectively.

  • Yes we need the Holy Spirit every day. We can’t do life without the Holy Spirit. Thank you for this reminder Laura 😊🙏🏿

  • Amen! Yes we TRULY need the Holy Spirit of Jesus! If we don’t have Him we are spiritually dead and spiritually broke and bankrupt. We can’t do the works of Christ without His Holy Spirit. He was a promised gift from the Father as Christ was. Read Acts 1 and see this for yourself. The Holy Ghost taught me that. Blessings & grace to you abundantly! 🙂

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