What I Love Most

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Sometime ago, the Lord spoke to me and said , “the thing I love most is soul winning. I love all the other good acts but soul winning is what I love most.”

I replied Him and said, “Lord, I love the ministry more than a million husbands, a million children and material wealth and pleasure, please give me the ministry.” Then, I continued, “please when you are coming from heaven, bring my clothes with you.” I heard Him say, “ok.” Then He ascended back into heaven.

That conversation was with Jesus, the glory of God. When it is Jesus, He descends from heaven because that is where He lives. When the Holy Spirit speaks to me, He speaks from inside me. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit Of Jesus Christ.

Beloved, how much do you love soul winning? The true lovers of God are those that understand the essential significance of soul winning. Even if you don’t preach, you can be a soul winner by constantly interceding for lost souls so that they will receive the resurrection life of Jesus.

It is intercession that waters the ground for preaching to be effective. Preaching that is devoid of prayer, intercession and the grace of God will not yield much result. The flesh is useless when it comes to spiritual matters.

God wants us to worship Him in Spirit and in truth. It is not just enough to say Lord, Lord, or I love you Lord. Say, Lord Lord and say I love you Lord. However, show that love by sincerely caring about the eternal future and destiny of souls and the will of God. Show that love by caring about what God cares about.

May great grace be upon us, in Jesus name.

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