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November 18, 2019

Vision about Harry

In this vision, I went to meet Harry. He was with Meghan and there was a guard with a gun guarding him. When I tried to go closer, the guard wanted to shoot at me and I said, “I am a princess so don’t bother, even if you shoot me it won’t touch me.” Then Harry told him to lay back.

*Then I walked to where Harry and Meghan were and he was not sure if he should listen to me or not. Then I said to him, “I am a princess of light, if you look beyound my outer dressing which looks quite ordinary, you will see royal garments beneath my clothing.” He looked, and was amazed to see my inner garments made up of pure sparkling gold. ( that inner garment is the glory of God and the presence of Christ).

He instantly expressed interest and I said to him, ‘ I have a message from the Lord for you. The Lord wants you to preach the gospel. He is interested in you. All your life, you have always felt different from the rest of your family. The reason for this is because the Lord is interested in using you for his own glory.

All the while, that I was giving him this message, Meghan turned the other way with an expression I can’t quite describe. I don’t think she was pleased with the message but I don’t know. That is my own interpretation of her expression. She seemed disinterested in that message.

Jan 17, 2020

A Change

A change is coming to the British monarchy sooner than people think. I can’t reveal the specifics. There will be an announcement.

I don’t know why the Lord has been revealing about the British royal family to me but He has. The Lord had told me in the past that Harry;s mother’s death affected him very much and months after that revelation., I heard Harry say the exact same thing the Lord revealed to me.

The Lord showed me Harry’s baby before the birth. Told me it would be a boy and even showed me the color of his hair. He also told me other things which I can’t reveal. I told my sister about the revelation and we laughed over it but shortly after, the revelation came to pass and it was the way the Lord described it.

The truth is that I don’t know if Harry will accept the call or not but that is the message the Lord gave me.

The Lord already told me in the past that He wants to reclaim the Anglican Church to Himself, so I believe He is going somewhere with all these revelations. He wants to unify the Christian Church to Himself in preparation for the end times, including the pagan Catholic Church. God loves all and wants to save all even though not everyone will accept Him.

May great grace be upon us in Jesus name.

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