The Valley

As I walk through
The valley of the shadow
Of death
I wonder
What it will be for me
Will it be the end
Or will I experience glory

As I walk through
The valley of the shadow of death
I am in deep reflection
Wondering how
I got into
A massive pit
Of suffering and pain

As I walk through the
Valley of the
Of death
I regain my senses
As reality and fantasy
In shattering heights
My falsehood destroyed
Truth pervades my whole substance and being
As I run into
The arms of Jesus
My first love

There I rest
In reality
Never to depart
Basking in glory
As I mutter to myself
In great delight

The valley of the
Shadow of death
Has awakened me
To the
One and only thruth
That matters
And that truth is
The intimacy of the Holy Spirit

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