The Priest That Asked For Help

Visions, Revelations and Messages ‪

In this vision, this brother I knew a long time ago as a Catholic came to plead with me and ask for my help. When I knew him, he had gotten to the final stages of priesthood and was expelled from the seminary. It was as if someone died – his family and friends were devastated for him and he was devastated for himself.

In this vision, he told me that he was in Brazil and I asked him, “did you end up being a priest?” To which he replied, “yes, but I want out and I do not know how to leave because of what people will say. Please help me.”

I said to him, “a certain priest from Calabar in Nigeria just left. You must do the right thing so that you do not waste the life of the woman that God prepared for you.”

How unfortunate that men are naturally blind and stubborn. God had been in front and showed him signs by making the seminary reject him but he pursued his ambition and his family’s ambition and went into priesthood. Now, he has realized the errors and wants out. God is merciful and can help him, however he must help himself by making a decision to pay the price.

I will pray for Him but I will not go and drag him out of the priest hood. He will have to experience the inconvenience and discomfort of what people will say. Obedience always comes with a cost and a price. He will need to cooperate with any prayer being made for him and the grace of God.

Do the right thing against all odds

Being afraid of human opinion is an obstacle that will never take us anywhere in life or with God. We must do the right thing that we need to do.

If there is anything that God has impressed upon your heart today that is for His glory and your own good. Go ahead and do it even if you think it will kill you. It won’t kill you but if it does, you will go to heaven. Stop fear before it stops you.

May God’s grace be upon us in Jesus name.


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