The Angel That Came Into My House

Visions, Messages and Revelations

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In this vision, I was in my room and this room was a beautiful upstairs apartment. I looked down through my window and saw a very handsome man downstairs, with a long gun. I looked at him and our eyes locked. I trembled in fear. I knew he had a mission. I was very scarred because I thought he would come into my room and shoot me. Surprisingly, the windows in my room started sliding up, as if the man with the gun, pressed a remote control to seal my room and protect me.

Next thing I knew, this man had gone into another section of the house and he executed judgement on some one I know. Then he went again to another section of the house and went into another person’s room. He locked the door and he fought with that person for a very long time. I was very scared because he was alone with that person for a very long time and I did not want something terrible to happen to that person. I waited anxiously, outside by the door of that person’s room.

Suddenly, the door opened and I saw that the person he fought with had been subdued in a positive way because he is not a believer. Next thing, he started leaving the house through my room window. I was suddenly not happy and I said, “you cannot leave until you give me my own message or minister to me. You have dealt with other people in this house and now you want to leave without saying or doing anything to me.” He tried to leave and I was very persistent and kept pleading for a message or an act.

All of a sudden, he transformed into a very beautiful woman putting on a very beautiful white garment and said, “preach the gospel, all I have for you is preach the gospel more frequently. You have been preaching but you do not do it as often as you should. ” That was when I realized that it was an angel that came into my house. I started saying excitedly, ‘so you are an angel! You are an angel! I never knew!” Then she had the most beautiful smile on her face as she finally left through my window.

A lesson that I learned from this vision is that in whatever way you are preaching the gospel, do it consistently and continuously as time will permit you to. Even if it is many blog posts a day it does not matter. Do not think that you are bothering and overloading people with too many posts. You never know which post and word the Lord will use to save and transform someone.

Overall, you should also think of the people from outside WordPress community who discover your website through search engines and actually want to hear more from you. You should not allow yourself to be restricted – remember your mission, vision and objective. You cannot please everyone so just go with how the Holy Spirit leads you. Well, that is what I intend to do – be constantly led by the Holy Spirit.

May great grace be upon us in Jesus name.

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