Golden Sword

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A vision about the importance of confessing the word of God

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May God Manifest Your Full Potential In Christ

Jesus died to set you free. He bore your sins and punishments in His Holy body. However, there are some obstacles and resistance that you face and those obstacles come from the enemy even though God permit’s them.

Satan is the accuser, enemy and adversary and we are all called to resist and overcome the works of the devil with the power of Christ and by the victory that Christ already purchased for us,

God wants you to fight and He wants you to experience victory and glory. He also wants you to become a mature believer.

Do not be distracted by the enemy. We are all in a spiritual warfare and should put on the complete armor of God.

God is more than able, because we are over-comers and are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus. God wants to manifest your full potential in Christ. He wants you to be light and salt to the world. He want you to manifest your sonship and royalty in Christ.

May God Himself destroy anything that is denying you your birthright and full potential in Christ, in Jesus name.

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