Smile Once Again

Smile once again

For me

And my glory.

Child of destiny,

I remember when you

Were so happy

And so secure

Enjoying beauty and grace.


You were dazzling and lovely,

Decorated and crowned,

Swirling in the arms of love and mercy

Dancing with Angels

Eating with me.



You ate at my chest

In my inner chamber

And courts

And I fed you with golden love

And drips of honey mixed with

Tender mercy and loving kindness.


Love overpowered you

And you called me darling

And sweetheart

As we became one

In worship.


You inhaled my breath

And became intoxicated with my

Fragrance and glory.


You danced for me

And never stopped

Because I was your joy

And constant delight.


I watched you dance and dance

And your dance of glory

Pleased me greatly.


Your new name became



And beloved


You never stopped muttering

Words of love and worship

To me

Your bridegroom and beloved.

What happened my child?

What happened?

You fell and lost touch

With my glorious presence.

There you are,

Sitting in the mud

By the village square

With your left hand

On your chin.


In your eyes

Your sorrow shows.


You are

Unhappy and defeated

Lost and tired.


I see you

Sighing and confused

Longing and dreaming

Wishing and hoping

For the treasures that

You lost.


Your face has a constant deep frown

Masked with dejection.

Your tears are blood and sorrow

And your gown is stained, rumpled and grey.


You lost your sparkling embroidered

White garment 

And it seems like

All hope of finding it

Is gone.


Your make up is dust and ashes

You look rejected

And dejected

Lacking in luster

And beauty.


All who pass by you

Wonder at your calamity

Of beauty to ashes.


They shake their heads

In great amazement

And disbelief.

My beloved,

Rise up from that mud

And dirt

And shine once again.


Reconnect with me.

Start digging again,

And watch the biggest smile

Take over your face.

Smile once again,

My love

Smile for me

And my father

Because you are

Greatly loved and treasured.

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