Sacrificing Your Will for God




In our walk with God, it is vital that we let go of our own will. We must crucify our dreams, passions and ambitions in order to pursue what pleases Christ. We must constantly make it our food to find out what pleases God and do it.

It is only in loosing our own will and life that we will find true life and happiness. Self must die and Christ must rule us. This is the true Christian life. We must choose who we want to serve. We cannot serve God and self. Complete obedience is not a choice but a mandate. Christ died so that we may die to sin and live for righteousness. By His stripes we are healed.

We must not lookdown on the blood of Jesus that purified us or insult the Spirit of grace. We must not despise the son of God, Any time we disobey God, we are crucifying Christ again.

Let us therefore sacrifice our own will and live for God alone..

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