Rising From The Dust

Rising from the dust I made a promise

To myself

To hate the dust

My garment was grey

And torn

My hair was thin

And brittle

I looked ugly

Rising from the dust

I washed myself in gold

My hair turned to gold

A white garment was given to me

Studded with silver, diamond and gold

I was given golden sandals

Royalty embraced me

And I looked like royalty

Rising from the dust

I dared to dream

The dream of dreams

I dreamt of the

Emancipation of my brethren

I dreamt of liberty and peace

I dreamt of equality, fairness and justice

Rising from the dust

I see a great future

For me and my brothers

Even if it eludes us here

There is a land above the galaxies

Where love reigns supreme

A glorious Kingdom

Rising from the dust

I am constantly glad

Because I know that

That Kingdom will come


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