Princess of Light

I will not give up,
Because I have a glorious
Destiny and the Holy one
Is my strengthener.
I will not give up,
Because my faith which
Is more precious than gold
Must be tested by fire.
I will not give up because
I am a conqueror in Christ
And my redeemer is
A mighty man of war
Mighty in battle,
Fearful in praises.
I will not give up because
I know where I am traveling to
The end of my journey
Is the golden and glorious mountain
Of God – adorned and decorated with
Precious stones.
I will not give up
Because the mountain of God
Softly beckons and whispers,
“O lovely daughter of Zion,
Princess of light,
Keep on moving.
Don’t stop.”
I close my eyes
And behold the beautiful mountain.
The vision
Encourages and energises me
Day and night
To march on and climb
The Holy mountain.
Christ will be my canopy
rest and consolation.
He will cover me with
Beautiful golden clouds
And feed me with grace, mercy and love.
I will feast in Him
And dance
With golden sandals.
I will not give up
Because my hope and faith is in Christ
The author and finisher of my faith.
He will refine and finish my faith,
Making me super victorious.

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