Never Going Back

Never going back

To the world

And vanity


I am now filled

With Christ.


No more yearning

No more longing

No more searching


I have found my hidden treasure.


I am now content

And full of peace

Mixed and spiced

With joy.


I was previously married

To the world

Enjoying its pleasures

And ways

But I have found

Another love.


Never going back

To the world


I am now married

To Jesus

And He is now

My pleasure

And treasure.


Goodbye world

I am no longer

hungry, thirsty, dry

And broken.


I now have a different

Kind of hunger and passion

The right hunger and thirst

That I was created for.


The more hungry

And thirsty I am

The more I am filled

And soaked

With the latter rain.


I am now full

Of Christ

My King.



May we constantly

Hunger and thirst

For the living water.

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