My Balcony

From my balcony

I watch you

Staring into space

Wasting away your days

Drowning in alcohol

Everyday I see you

Miserable and feeling sorry

For yourself

Why, child of destiny?

Why are you so defeated ?

Stand up golden child

And untie yourself

From the dirty cords

Of self pity

I can see a great destiny

Written by the Almighty

For you

Rise and shine

Reject self pity

And hopelessness

Hopelessness and self pity

Are for the cowardly

And unbelieving

They are not for the children

Of God

The Lord hates cowardice

But rewards the brave

Rise up

To big and difficult tasks

Take the reigns

Of faith and bravery

And claim your destiny

Reject self pity and fear

And keep walking

In the journey of life

Keep on moving

And don’t stop

Because life is a journey

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