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Judge[not, that you be not judged

Matthew 7:7

Judge not, that you be not judged. Pray for the weak, confused, lonely, sick, impoverished and fearful. It is by grace that we stand. Form a habit of praying for people and lifting them up with your words and prayers. Constant criticism, mockery and belittling penetrates and shatters the soul. Let love rule.

Pray for Others.

When you form the habit of praying for others and putting yourself in their shoes, you will find it easier to love, and lift up instead of judging.

Negativity Destroys the Soul

A lot of people are suffering psychologically because the people that were closest to them took delight in harming them with words and verbally assaulting and abusing them. There is always a positive way the uplift someone. The Bible says that our words should always impart grace to the hearers. Words can offer emotional support and words have the power to heal our minds and emotions. Words can be soothing to the soul. Words can dilute fear, hopelessness and anxiety.

It Is By Grace We That Stand

Self knowledge and self awareness is very important because that is how we destroy and get rid of pride. Once you realize that it is by grace that you stand, and that without CHRIST you can do nothing, and that man’s power is of no use at all, then, you will stop judging and criticizing others.

Every good and perfect present comes from God. It is wisdom for us not to judge others and mock them. It is only Christ that produces good fruits in us, so be thankful and pray for those who might fall short in areas that you are good in because we all have faults.

There are some faults that you also have, and you will not want to be made a mockery of because you are not perfect – no one is perfect. We must stop childishness and embrace maturity and wisdom. LOVE can only rule through wisdom and maturity in the word of God.

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  • Jon

    Good word Laura. Those who have suffered abuse from those they should have been able to trust are often stuck. We need to speak the truth in love consistently to minister healing. Thank you for the excellent reminders!

    • laurabon

      Thank you for the response. Yes, we need to speak the truth in love consistently to minister healing. So well said. Love should always motivate us. Blessings

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