Light Conquered Darkness

If our mind is filled with light, there can be no shadow or evil around us. It is darkness that attracts shadows. Anything evil or negative is a shadow and when we switch on the light, that shadow or darkness must disappear.

Darkness can never overcome light so man must constantly wear the armour of light to defeat darkness. We must put on love, faith and hope. Darkness is simply our futile thoughts and imaginations. Thoughts that are false and have no substance in them. They are toxic thoughts that will keep polluting our minds until the mind collapses and dies. It is very important to reject false thoughts the same way that we reject toxic food.

We must keep reading the Bible to know which thought is toxic and which thought is healthy or life-giving. The word of God can save and heal so we must embrace the whole counsel of the word of God. It will not help us if we accept some Scriptures and reject some. It is the same word of God that says love your neighbour as yourself that says we are forgiven and healed by the blood of Jesus. It is also the same word that says rejoice in the Lord always and thank God in all circumstance. It is also the same word that says be anxious for nothing, pray without ceasing and also says those who are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God. We must embrace the whole counsel of the word of God. The Bible cannot tell us we are blessed and we say we are cursed. That is spiritual suicide.

Blessed are those whose lawless deeds are forgiven, and whose sins are covered; blessed is the man to whom the Lord shall not impute sin. – Romans 4:7

God is not counting our sins against us and love does not keep a record of wrongs. We must believe, obey, worship, pray and be led by the Holy Spirit – there is no other way. Doubt is as deadly as disobedience because without faith it is impossible for us to please God. We must pray to God for Him to renew, repair and heal our minds and we must also meditate constantly on the word of God which is able to save our souls.

Our spiritual eyes must be filled with light so we must decide what to look at. Either we are looking at the word of God which is light or we are looking at the thoughts of man which is darkness. Every doctrine and teaching has a spirit behind it and once we accept a false teaching, the spirit of darkness takes over. We must respect God – God cannot tell us that something is A, and we insist that thing is Z. This amounts to pride and punishable by the law of God.

Pride won’t take us anywhere with God. We must be like little children at the feet of Christ always willing and eager to learn. The Holy Spirit is our teacher and we must listen to Him always. Anytime we reject a teaching from the word of God or a specific instruction from the Holy Spirit we are rejecting Him – the Spirt of life and light and Lord on earth. The Holy Spirit gives life, the last Adam is the life giving Spirit and where the Spirit is, there is liberty so it is in our best interest to accept Him and His thoughts. However we should not accept Him out of fear and selfishness but out of love and respect. The bitter truth is that if we don’t love and respect Him and His word we will live in fear.

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