I’ve Missed You

Visions, Messages and Revelations

In this vision, the Lord appeared to me in form of cloud and I said, “Jesus you are my last breath. Let your name be the last name on my lips physically and spiritually when I die..” I to Him, “I have missed you and it’s been a long time.” I reminded Him of some things that He promised me in the past and I told Him that I know He is faithful and will do it.

Have you missed Him?

Jesus is more precious than gold and silver and we need to seek Him as a precious stone. We are supposed to experience Him daily. He is the glory of God. When we have not experienced Him or enjoyed divine fellowship, do we miss Him? We are spiritually incomplete without Him just as a woman is incomplete without her husband. There is a hole in our hearts the He should fill up daily. We are incomplete without the glory of God.

We need to need Him, desire Him, thirst for Him, hunger for Him and seek Him. He is the living water of life that we should constantly drink and that water flows from the throne of grace. Your desire for Him should be expressed in waiting upon the Lord, seeking His face and spending quality time with Him.

May great grace be upon us in Jesus name.


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  • Ah yes I miss Him! He’s my everything. Amen I fail to please Him I weep before His holy throne of grace and he mends my heart and forgives me. When I don’t hear Him I grieve. But then he shows me He is right there with me forever whenever I go deep in prayer! Last night I felt His presence so strong in prayer that my entire body felt like stone and like on fire as the Holy Ghost rested on me and I started speaking in the tongues of angels so powerful! My God is so real! He’s worthy to be praised! Glory to the Lamb that is alive forevermore! Blessings, peace & grace in Christ! <3

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