In The Will Of God

Sometimes, there are things and even people that come between us and God’s will for our lives.

The truth is that you cannot complete your assignment and destiny with the wrong people in your life. Also, you cannot be a mature believer or get to sonship with wrong things in your life like sin or obsession with material things.

You cannot be a warrior if you are fiends with the world and listen to possessed worldly musicians. Not all of them are possessed but you need to be led by the Holy Spirit and keep away from possessed entertainers.

They pollute your aura and feed off your energy – that is precisely why they are possessed. They are possessed to have that ability to spiritually kill, rape, steal and feed on humans without being detected as evil people. They look extremely innocent physically. That is why we need to be led by the voice of the Holy Spirit. Do not be deceived and do not be afraid but be filled with wisdom.

Be wise and discerning. Jesus has already died for us. We are the ones that should make every every effort to draw close to God, cleanse ourselves and make ourselves vessels of Honor. We need to cooperate with God.

Remove every weight that pulls you backwards. Avoid people that lead you into sin.

Pray for complete separation from every thing that is separating you from the perfect will of God for your life.

God bless you.

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