Identify Your Passion

There is no man on the surface of this earth that was born without passion. Your passion is that God given talent that God deposited in you before you were born. It is your calling and vocation in life.

Passion is natural and cannot be faked. It is God that gives passion regardless of your religion, God has given everyone He created passion. He has deposited passion for something in everyman. Some people have identified that passion from early childhood and ardently follow it while some people allow their passion to lie dormant.

They ignore that passion until something pushes them towards it. Some people die without identifying their passion and adequately using it to fulfil the purpose of their creation. They are like that man that God gave one talent and he buried it. Note that it is the man that decided to bury his passion not the devil. He simply refused to use his passion and God given talent.

A man who is constantly bored is a man that lacks passion. A man that is depressed is a man without passion and hobby. Passion can cure depression. When the mind is fully engaged and absorbed in a joy producing activity, depression and boredom will fly out of the window. Jesus said, my farther is always working and so am I. Jesus was never bored or idle. The truth is that boredom is a disease of the mind.

God never created man to be bored. A bored man is an idle man and it is against creation. Man must be busy, creative and fully engaged to be happy and fulfilled. It is when a man is not engaged and fully creative that he begins to be obsessive about a woman or a woman becomes obsessive about a man.

The greatest personalities on earth are the ones who never get distracted. They are fully engaged and absorbed with their mission or cause. They are the solution providers. They are the ones that have allowed God to use them to bless the world and a lot of them do not even know God. They identified their talent, passion and vision and used it to the benefit of mankind. They are the ones who identify needs and gaps in our environment and they meet that need.

You are most successful in life when you work or engage yourself within your passion. If you have not identified your passion, there are hints that can enable you identify your passion.

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