He Prays For Us

The Spirit Of The Lord

3. Prays For Us

The Holy Spirit prays for us. Isn’t that amazing? The best prayer is the prayer that the Holy Spirit prays for us and the best prayer point is the one given to us by the Holy Spirit. The reason is because, the Holy Spirit is the only one who knows the root cause of our problems and afflictions. He is also the only one who knows the solutions to our problems and needs, and the way to that solution.

He understands our needs, and the mind of God perfectly. When He prays, He prays for us, in line with God’s will, and purpose as one who has perfect knowledge of God. When He gives us prayer points, He does so as one who knows exactly what we should pray for. Some people spend so much time beating around the bush, praying so many off point and irrelevant prayers.

In the same way the Spirit also comes to help us, weak as we are. For we do not know how we ought to pray; the Spirit himself pleads with God for us in groans that words cannot express. Romans 8:26

And God, who sees into our hearts, knows what the thought of the Spirit is; because the Spirit pleads with God on behalf of his people and in accordance with his will. Romans 8:27

They carry books with one thousand prayer points. Come on, I don’t understand that mentality and the logic behind that. One prayer point point from the Holy Spirit is better than a million meaningless prayer points. The prayer given by the Holy Spirit goes straight to the target, the solution and the root of the problem.

If we study the way Jesus prayed for Himself, the sick and ministered to people, He did not waste unnecessary time talking about the problem. He just went straight to the target with full knowledge of the cause and solution of the problem.

He went ahead and cast out the demons and healed. He was not beating around the bush in confusion. That is because, He was constantly led by the Spirit Of God. Those who are led by the Spirit Of God, are the sons of God.

Without counsel and direction, we will grope around in the darkness, in confusion regarding prayer. But when the Holy Spirit prays for us and gives us prayer points, we will never pray amiss because the prayer is relevant to our problems, needs and solutions.

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