He Is The New Way

The Spirit Of The Lord

12. He is the new Way

Now, however, we are free from the Law, because we died to that which once held us prisoners. No longer do we serve in the old way of a written law, but in the new way of the Spirit. Romans 7:6

The Holy Spirit is the new way because He is the Spirit Of Jesus Christ and Jesus is the way. He is the way to Heaven. The new way of the Spirit is a way that is decreed, ordered and guided by the Holy Spirit. The new law is the law of Christ and it is also the new way of the Holy Spirit. His voice is also part of the new way. Our ability to walk in the word of God and the voice and direction of the Holy Spirit is the way that leads to victory in Christ.

We must make conscious and deliberate effort to walk in the new way of the Holy Spirit. Walking in the Spirit is not an option but a must for every believer. Failure to walk in the Spirit will only bring defeat, Judgement and sorrow.

Walking in holiness and righteousness is the new way of the Spirit. That is why we received the Holy Spirit. He is the one that produces godliness and holiness in us by circumcising our hearts.

So I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh. Galatians 5:16

Walking in sin is against the way of the Spirit. That is the direct opposite of walking in the Holy Spirit. Walking in false doctrines and man made laws is the devil’s way that leads to hell.

The Spirit gives life and walking in Him guarantees life. If we don’t walk in Him we can find ourselves battling with sin, death and judgement even though we have received life. Because He is the only source of righteousness and holiness so we must depend on Him to bear fruits in us.

The new way of the Spirit is a precious way. May we constantly abide in this glorious way of the Holy Spirit.


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