Face To Face

Face to face

Inside your grace

I taste love and mercy.


Face to face

I swim in silver rivers

And diamond lakes.

I dance on Holy Mountains.


Face to face,

We have Holy conversations,

Heartfelt and deep,

Touching and loving,

Intimate and uplifting.


Face to face,

All I see is glory and love,

Purity and truth,

Consolation and confort.


Face to face,

You hold me close

And never let go,

Because our hearts beat as one.

In wonder,

I swim in your love,

And drink from your side,

As mutters of ‘Daddy’ rise from deep in my throat,

To my trembling lips.



Nothing compares to this place,

Where I can see you face to face.

I adore you and love you,

With every beat of my heart,

And every breath I take.

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