I am hidden
From the world

But I was born

To be a star

To shine

Brighter than diamonds

I am hidden

From the world

With a veil

That I despise


I cry out to God


Tear this veil apart

And reveal my royalty

Let the princess in me


For the world to see

That I am the daughter

Of the greatest King

My father rules over all

I am a royal princess

A blue blood

With a golden crown

On my head

I refuse to be


May all the hidden

Never give up

Under The Mango Tree

We held hands in the moonlight

Under the mango tree

You were twenty

I was eighteen

We vowed to take the vow

In Church

And embrace

For better for worse

You travelled abroad

On scholarship

To become a doctor

I waited patiently

And you came back

After ten years

But with your bride

And two children

And all you said

Was I’m sorry

I hid my new life from you

And made you wait

For me

In vain

May God Help Us

May God help us
When we are weak

When we are sick

When we are frightened

When we are in doubt

When we are lonely

When we are poor

When we are wrongly accused

When the darkness overwhelms us

When trials abound

When we want to give up our faith

May God help us

Dancing Shoes

I said to myself

Put on your dancing shoes

It’s Saturday night

I am pretty

I am young 

I am a city girl

In London

I will dance away the night

And drink away my time

A silent voice beckons

My child

I have called you

To greater things

Shun the darkness

Come closer

To heavenly delights

I will favor you

And bless you

Shun the darkness

And come to me 

I Am Not An Object 

I am not an object
I am not a toy

I am not superhuman

I have emotions

My heart bleeds 

When you pick up your phone

And chat with numerous women

You ignore me

You deny me your love

And treat me like a toy

To play around with

If you are tired

Walk away 

And stop the torture



I should just end it 

For you

Because I now understand 

That your actions

Are your way of telling me

To walk away

Because you are too 

Weak to end it

Unfailing Love

Seasons come

And seasons go

Presidents come and go

Lovers cling to each other

And later separate

Babies are born

To become men and women

Change is constant in life

But God’s love remains the same

Ever fresh

Ever new

Never ceasing

Never failing

Seasons come and go

But His love

Will never fail

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